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Home Products Recipe & Tips News About Us Customer Care Mail: info@goldendragonmelamine.com?cc=goldendragonmelamine@gmail.com&bcc=ads_melamine@yahoo.com

An ordinary Sop Buntut Balado will look wonderful with our unique bowls and plates

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Sharing the experiences serves fine cuisine. If you have an interesting

experiences when serving your favorite family cuisine or need advice.

Please share your experience or type of cuisine that you want to serve, we will provide feedback via e-mail or

our social media.

Mail: info@goldendragonmelamine.com?cc=goldendragonmelamine@gmail.com&bcc=ads_melamine@yahoo.com

Another element that makes the presentation of the food is interesting is the use of the right product. Golden Dragon Melamine Ware provide an innovative and creative product.

And to add more variety to your dishes, we present some favorite recipes that have been tested in the kitchen Golden Dragon Melamine Ware.

Brownies Tempe.... >> Pudding Strawberry.... >>
Recipe Tips
Tips for The Baby tasteful Eat

Some tips that can be done so that the child easily eat without being forced.

Caring for Equipment Melamine

Review RCTI info about the dangers of Melamine …

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Sharing the experiences serves fine cuisine!